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Boot Camp

Orlando, FL

May 16-19

As followers of Jesus Christ, we want to learn to identify with Him and His mission and multiply our lives for His glory. The Disciple-Making Boot Camp can play a part in this vision by equipping you with helpful tools that will enable you to be an effective disciple and disciple-maker!

It's in Orlando, FL and part of our summer LiNC program. If you can't attend an entire LiNC project this summer but you'd like to still experience a powerful taste of LiNC, this is your ticket!


The cost this year is $200 and includes housing, most meals, materials and conference fees. Travel expenses, meals on the road, and other incidentals will be own your own. We'd love to try and connect you with others traveling to the program to help make the trip even more fun and cost effective!

To sign up, ask other questions or connect with others traveling to the program, contact:

Ross Thomas:

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