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Tom Comes to NCSU
NCSU Brickyard: Oct. 25-27 | Special Event: Tuesday (Oct. 26)

Join us as Tom shares the Good News of Jesus, answers students' hard questions, and discusses various topics on faith...

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Weekend Sports
Saturday & Sunday Evenings

Get outside. Get fit. Get fellowship. Join Grace Church on campus for sports like volleyball and ultimate frisbee!

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Movie Night
Sat Oct 23 | 7:30PM | NOW AT Quad Commons

Join us for a fun night of fellowship & enjoy a fan favorite movie! And, if you like, grab dinner with us beforehand...

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Pray for our Mission Team!
Fall Break (Oct 3-5)

Our Old Dominion University mission team is sharing the Gospel and training disciples this fall break! Pray for a fruitful and encouraging time!

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Faithwalkers: Sign Up for Housing!
December 29 - January 1 (Ridgecrest Conf. Center)

Gain powerful vision and valuable friendships as we worship & fellowship together with believers who share our mission and values from across the east coast.

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Taco Tuesday
Tuesday 8/31 | 6-8pm

Tacos & friends. Music & games. What better way to spend a Tuesday evening?

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Grace at the Lake
September 10-11

Discover God's grace and purpose while connecting with other Christians. Sports, lake toys, zip line, canoeing and more!

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Confidence to Share
Thurs 8/19 | 7-9pm | Talley

Want to share your faith more confidently? Join us to overcome some of the most common barriers to sharing our Christian faith.

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Campus Wide Worship
Sun 8/15 | 7-8 pm | Stafford Commons

Students! You're celebrating a new year, a new place and new friends. Don't forget that we have a reason to celebrate with Jesus and ask for His help in prayer.

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Welcome Back Party
Sun 8/15 | 6-8pm | Stafford Commons

Join us at Grace church's annual Welcome Back Party here on campus. We'll have field games, music and hot dogs!

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Welcome Back Party

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Welcome to Grace Christian Life!

We're a registered student organization at NC State University devoted to Jesus Christ and doing our part to take His hope and message to all people everywhere.


Learn with like-minded students and mentors how to connect with God & His Word, other Christians and the world around us. Come, let's grow our faith and do life together!

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